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Nigeria is faced with economic challenges such as inflation and food insecurity which has led to a decline in living standards for many. Women and girls, who account for 49.5% of the country’s population, are particularly impacted as they have reduced access to decent work opportunities and the cost of essential women’s services, as well as healthcare continues to surge. To resolve this issue and mitigate the impact of the present reality on women and girls, more females must be empowered with the knowledge, skills, and resources they require to succeed.


Youth of Enterprise (YOE), an initiative of EnterpriseNGR, aimed at democratizing access to quality employment opportunities for young Nigerians, is investing in women to accelerate the country’s long-term economic growth and financial stability to achieve a better future for everyone.


As part of its advocacy efforts to promote gender equality and sustained economic growth, it is leveraging this year’s UN’s International Women’s Day theme “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress” to educate Nigerians on the necessity of empowering women to create a better future for everyone. In this article, female beneficiaries of YOE speak out to for the cause and share their firsthand experiences.


Silvia Silas

Bauchi State, Nigeria

Empowering women contributes to a better future for all because it drives economic growth, reduces poverty, improves health and well-being and promotes high literacy level. It also advances gender equality, leading to social progress, and fostering peace and stability.


Felicia Ityohuma

Abuja, Nigeria

Empowering women will reduce the rate of dependency, increase financial independence, and birth a better future. I know of a saying that goes “if you educate a woman, you educate the whole nation”. I can boldly say that empowering a woman is as good as empowering the nation.


Amina Abdulraheem

Lagos, Nigeria

Empowering women leads to a better future for all because it promotes gender equality and fosters more inclusive decision making.


Oluwaferanmi Adeniji

Plateau, Nigeria

Empower a woman and you have empowered a nation because it doesn’t end with her. She passes it on to her children and grandchildren and extends it to neighbours and random strangers, making the world a better place for all.


Jemimah Nweke

Enugu State, Nigeria

The importance of women empowerment to our society cannot be overemphasized. Empowered women lead, drive innovation, and uplift communities. They are enabled to contribute significantly to a prosperous and equitable society.


Mary Adebiyi

Lagos State, Nigeria

Empowering women promotes gender equality, fostering diverse perspectives and talents. This leads to increased innovation, economic growth, and improved social well-being, creating a more equitable and sustainable future for everyone


Joy Baiyeri

Borno State, Nigeria

Empowering women promotes inclusivity and equality. When women feel free to contribute their ideas, we leave a lasting impression, drive positive change, inspire and uplift others.


Zuliehat Ohunene Abdullahi

Kaduna State, Nigeria

Empowering women boosts economic productivity, leads to better health outcomes, and enhances social and political stability. When women enjoy equal access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, societies flourish, paving the way for a more prosperous and fair future for all.


Zainab Olatundu

Oyo State, Nigeria

Women’s empowerment contributes to economic growth and prosperity within communities. When women have access to education, relevant skills, training, and economic opportunities, they strengthen the workforce, create businesses, and contribute to the local economy.


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