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YOE Intern Spotlight: How Joy’s YOE Internship Experience is Shaping Her Dream Career 

Meet Joy Baiyeri, a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Abuja. She is currently a YOE intern at Access Bank Plc in Borno State, Nigeria. In the future, she hopes to become a Chief Financial Officer. 

We asked Joy about her YOE internship experience and how it is helping her shape the future she dreams of, she had this to say. 

Hello, I am Joy, a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Abuja. I heard about the YOE internship programme from a friend who shared insights about the programme in a LinkedIn post and I applied immediately. 


What excites you most about the programme? 

I would say that I’m excited to work with a reputable organisation within Nigeria’s financial industry, as this is an industry I am passionate about. I’m also excited about the opportunity YOE internship programme avails me to gain relevant work experience. 


What new skills did you acquire during the YOE orientation training before you began your internship with Access Bank? 

During my YOE orientation training I learned about prioritizing and delegating. 


Can you share more about how your new skills have been relevant to the work you do? 

I have learnt to apply these skills when time is limited, and demands are seemingly unlimited. In such cases, I order my tasks and allot time to them based on their level of urgency and value. Practicing this has helped me bring order to chaos in many situations, massively reduce stress, and successfully complete tasks.  

We also learnt very early, the importance of assigning tasks to different team members, with each team member taking responsibility for different tasks. This gives me time and ability to focus on the task at hand, gives other team members the ability to learn and develop themselves, improves my level of efficiency, productivity, and time management. It has also helped to raise the trust level in my team and improved communication. 


How would you describe your team and colleagues at work? 

My team and colleagues have been highly supportive and accommodating. Whenever I’m confused about how to execute a task or solve a problem, members of my team are quick to point me in the right direction and provide the support that I require to get my work done. 


What job roles do you see yourself handling in the future and how is your current experience preparing you for it?   

My dream is to become a Chief Financial Officer. My current experience has exposed me to understanding the fundamental operations of banking and finance beyond the theoretical knowledge I acquired in my undergraduate study. I am gradually observing what to expect as I progress in my career, and what steps I need to take to get to my dream role. 


What advice do you have for anyone who would like to apply to the YOE internship programme?   

Youth of Enterprise Internship Programme is a place to kickstart your dream career, you just made the right decision! 


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