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All You Need to Know About YOE Paid Internship Programme

Are you curious about the Youth of Enterprise (YOE) paid internship programme or do you have questions about the application process? If yes, this article was published for you.  

Whether you want to know what YOE is, you’re considering applying to the programme, or seeking more information after you have submitted your application, this blog post will keep you up to date with the information you need to succeed. 

Let’s delve into some frequently asked questions that matter most to young professionals like you and provide actionable tips to help you kickstart your dream career. 


Can a current YOE intern apply to the next cohort? Especially if the person is still within the qualified age range? 


No, you cannot apply again. You can only get admitted to the YOE programme once. However, applicants who do not get admitted to the programme and still qualify for it can apply again. 


Can candidates submit their statement of result during the application? 


Yes, you can submit your statement of result in place of your graduate certificate during your application process. 


Can I apply to the YOE programme again if I didn’t pass the GAT test in the previous cohort application? 


Yes, you can apply to the YOE programme if you are within the qualified age range and meet other eligibility criteria but didn’t pass the GAT in your previous application. This means that you can apply again in the application cycle. 


I want to apply to the YOE programme, however, there is no company in my area. Will I be required to move to neighbouring states? 


Youth of Enterprise has at least one partner employer in every state. This means that you do not have to move. However, we have more employers from a wide variety of sectors in major cities like Lagos, Abuja, Edo, among others.  


Can I apply to the YOE programme while I am currently employed? 


You can apply to the YOE programme only if you meet the eligibility criteria and are willing to resign when you get admitted into the programme. 


Is there provision for undergraduates in the programme? 


At the moment the YOE programme is targeted at Nigerian university graduates. 


Does YOE internship programme accept graduates with diverse academic backgrounds? Or does it accept students from a particular academic field? 


Yes, the programme accepts graduates with diverse academic backgrounds provided the courses are accredited. 


What do YOE participants stand to benefit after the programme? 


YOE participants enjoy access to relevant work experience, hands-on training, professional networking, plus, it is a paid internship programme. 


Is YOE internship programme virtual? 


YOE internship programme is hybrid in nature. The programme features a virtual orientation phase, while the work placement phase is in person. 


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